D2.5 Mid requirements & specifications for Use case 3: Deployment of digital cognitive architecture

The present document constitutes the deliverable D2.5 and includes the methodology, results and conclusions in the definition of specifications and requirements of Use case 3 linked to the deployment of digital cognitive architecture in non-ferrous industrial case. This deliverable has defined the critical aspects related to:

  • The link between objectives and Key Performance Indicators of the process or of the product to be followed up.
  • The definition of main variables linked with these KPIs and their criticality in terms of how they affect them.
  • The digitalization potential of selected variables ranked from 1 - difficult to be digitalized, to 10 - easier to be done.
  • A general picture has been drawn related to how are process and digitalization in terms of technological level and quality of implementation.
  • Different priorities have been defined based on previous analysis and based on that an action plan is on-going.

This analysis, although finished in a first version, will be checked again during the project to change evaluation of variables, priority concepts and action plan.


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