INEVITABLE Newsletter #4

As the INEVITABLE project is reaching the most important phase in its runtime, the consortium is intensively working on the final deployment of the developed technical solutions and their validation in the production environment

To reach this point, the consortium had to significantly improve the digitalization of the processes and develop several innovative technical solutions that leverage the data and knowledge about the processes.

We believe that the lessons learned during the project could be useful for other industries when it comes to digitalization and retrofitting of processes. Therefore, our technical experts reviewed our lessons learned and best practices and created a general overview that could promote the transferability of the INEVITABLE approach. With this in mind, the INEVITABLE approach has been transformed into step-by-step methods and recommendations that cover the entire digitalization journey:

  • Identification of digitalization objectives and plan,
  • Improvement of process sensors and infrastructure,
  • Development of cognitive solutions for reasoning and utilization of the data,
  • Selection of an appropriate digital platform to deploy digital solutions.

These are presented in our fourth newsletter.

[NEWSLETTER #4, March 2022]

WEBINAR: Digital technologies in cognitive production plants

Our latest webinar brought INEVITABLE together with five other projects – COGNIPLANT, CAPRI, COGNITWIN, HyperCOG and FACTLOG – to talk about the latest developments in creating digital technologies that will enable the realisation of futuristic cognitive factories. This is part of the ongoing clustering activity as part of the SPIRE call “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants". Each project presented one of its most promising use case.

  • COGNIPLANT – Increasing the efficiency of a biomass-powered limekiln
  • CAPRI – A cognitive automation platform for asphalt production
  • COGNITWIN – Predicting ladle degradation in the steelmaking process
  • INEVITABLE – Monitoring and optimisation of the electric arc furnace process
  • HYPERCOG – Optimising steelmaking using a cognitive cyber-physical architecture
  • FACTLOG – Cognitive digital twins in an oil refinery use-case
  • The 6Ps Methodology – A clear path to Industry 4.0

The event attracted more than fifty participants, which were highly involved in the final round table with multiple questions and feedbacks. You can see the recordings here.

Since this is the second event we are organizing with this group of projects, we are aiming for at least one more final event in the last year where we will present the final results and next steps for each action.

Stay tuned.


Six SPIRE projects [INEVITABLE, COGNIPLANT, CAPRI, FACTLOG, HyperCOG and COGNITWIN] have reunited again and are organizing SPIRE clustering event on the 24th of January.

To participate, registration is needed HERE.

This online session is a follow up of the one organized last year, where we presented all the project aims and objectives, as well as all the differences and similarities. This year, we will focus more on specific use cases from each project, the technological challenges and the proposed approach, closing the morning with a round table. Several speakers will present their work and give their views on the use of digital technologies in cognitive production plants.

From the INEVITABLE project, Vito Logar from University of Ljubljana will present a use case where methods for monitoring and optimization of the EAF process have been implemented.


Find our invitation to the event also in our third newsletter, released as a special issue [NEWSLETTER #3].

5th project meeting

5th project meeting was organized via teleconference on 23rd and 24th of September 2021.

On the first day, project management activities and activities on the development of digital enabling technologies were reviewed. On the second day, we checked the work on each use case, reviewed the dissemination activities and set further plans.


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