D4.5 Decision support systems set-up

The present document constitutes the deliverable D4.5 of the SPIRE project titled “Optimization and performance improving in metal industry by digital technologies” (Project Acronym: INEVITABLE; Grant agreement no.: 869815 [1]).
The deliverable contains details on the activities of Task 4.4 of WP4 concerning the set-up of rule and expert knowledge-based decision support systems in all use cases. The goal of WP4 is to develop predictive process models and tools for an effective process data analysis. Deliverable D4.1 [2] describes the analysis software for process and sensor data developed, while deliverable D4.2 [3] summarizes the predictive process models for the use cases, employing analytical as well as data-driven predictive models. The implementation and utilization of the monitoring tools and models developed in Task 4.3 are then described in deliverable D4.3 [4] of this project. The present deliverable reports on the developed decision support and control systems, based on the expert data analyses and modelling done for the use cases, and details the setup of the decision system and the insights and consequences drawn from process data analysis and modelling.


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