D10.5 Training materials

The deliverable contains details on the activities of Task 10.2 of WP10 concerning the preparation of the training materials and programs, which are derived from the work performed in the scope of the INEVITABLE project. WP10 deals with communication, dissemination, and exploitation of the knowledge, solutions, and results that were developed or obtained during the duration of the project.

The present deliverable reports on the prepared training materials, which are intended for disseminating the knowledge used or obtained during the INEVITABLE project to different target groups. The dissemination of the basic knowledge and solutions is intended for undergraduate or postgraduate study of related scientific areas, whereas the dissemination of the knowledge of more advanced or dedicated solutions is intended for the employees of equal or similar industrial areas. The areas covered by the training materials include mathematical modelling basics, theoretical and data-based modelling of the EAF processes, image analysis methodologies, digitalization strategies in metallurgical industry, the effects of non-metallic inclusions during secondary metallurgy, camera-based monitoring systems and process models for process industry, and process digitalization, data infrastructure and cases of use. Altogether, the presentations of the prepared training materials sum up to more than 14 hours.


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