Use cases

Selected use cases cover several metallurgical processes, where developed technologies will be demonstrated and validated.

Implementation of the EAF and ZRM optimization

The idea behind the EAF operation support tool in UC 1 is to represent the technology and a solution, which focuses on possible software applications for more optimal operation of the EAF in various aspects. The proposed goal is to design a complete software solution for continuous monitoring and offline optimization, using EAF measurements and historical data.

Further downstream the steelmaking process at ACRONI, the cold-rolling process will be modernized and upgraded with system for supervision, optimization, diagnostics, and condition monitoring. The goal is to increase the reliability and reduce process down-time due to failure is the diagnostics and condition monitoring of the process equipment.

Smart sensor and model-based decision support system for ultra clean steel production


An online advisory system developed in UC2 should be applied as powerful tool for process optimization and control in clean steel intelligent manufacturing. On the one hand, it should be ensured that supplied steel products meet defined composition and cleanliness specifications, and on the other hand, plant efficiency should be increased in terms of of high quality product yield.

Deployment of digital cognitive architecture in nonferrous industrial case

In nonferrous casting process at EIPC the goal is to control the processes by existing and integration of new sensors of critical process parameters. Sensor network will be introduced/upgraded to increase the number of measured process variables and widen the area of analysis and monitoring. 

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