D2.6 Final requirements & specifications for Use case 3: Deployment of digital cognitive architectur

The present document constitutes the deliverable D2.6 and includes the methodology, results, and conclusions in the final definition of specifications and requirements of Use case 3 linked to the deployment of digital cognitive architecture in non-ferrous industrial case. This deliverable has defined the critical aspects related to:

  • The relationship between objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the process or of the product to be followed up.
  • The definition of main variables associated with these KPI and their criticality in terms of how are they affected.
  • The digitalization potential of selected variables ranked from 1 [difficult to be digitized] to 10 [easy digitization].
  • A general picture has been prepared to display process and digitalization in terms of technological level and quality of implementation and how it has evolved from initial assessment and after the performance of a significant part of the action plan.
  • Different priorities have been defined based on previous analysis and based on that an action plan is on-going.
  • The action plan is evaluated and updated in terms of its on-going performance.

This is a follow up and consolidation analysis of the assessment carried out and recorded in deliverable D2.5 and the evaluation of the status of the associated actions for the implementation of the digitalization.


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