Digital infrastructure

When setting up the digitalization infrastructure, technical requirements need to be aligned with process and organizational requirements, to ensure the proper platform for digitalization. Choosing the right platform for the digital infrastructure can be challenging and appropriate steps need to be taken, to make sure the selected platform can fulfil the actual requirements. Existing digitalization solutions used by the companies are very often the result of years of evolution, a “slide” into digitalization rather than planned implementation.

The methodology developed as part of the INEVITABLE project aims to guide companies along the steps to select appropriate digital infrastructure. The approach consists of several steps where the needs of the digital platform are systematically reviewed by collecting and validating information. With it the company is able to review the digital maturity of their processes, formalize targeted objectives and prepare a proof of concept for the required digital infrastructure. The steps are performed sequentially with multiple checkpoints that provide the necessary verification and acceptance. The approach integrates tools already available (i.e. DMA tools, Digital Readiness Diagnostic), proposes an additional tool for infrastructure information collection and integrates the whole process into a systematic step-by-step approach. The approach is demonstrated in very demanding INEVITABLE use cases, where high-value equipment is in use for many years and its digital upgrade is evolving at different pace.