By cmi-admin — In News — 07.03.2022




As the INEVITABLE project is reaching the most important phase in its runtime, the consortium is intensively working on the final deployment of the developed technical solutions and their validation in the production environment

To reach this point, the consortium had to significantly improve the digitalization of the processes and develop several innovative technical solutions that leverage the data and knowledge about the processes.

We believe that the lessons learned during the project could be useful for other industries when it comes to digitalization and retrofitting of processes. Therefore, our technical experts reviewed our lessons learned and best practices and created a general overview that could promote the transferability of the INEVITABLE approach. With this in mind, the INEVITABLE approach has been transformed into step-by-step methods and recommendations that cover the entire digitalization journey:

Identification of digitalization objectives and plan,
Improvement of process sensors and infrastructure,
Development of cognitive solutions for reasoning and utilization of the data,
Selection of an appropriate digital platform to deploy digital solutions.
These are presented in our fourth newsletter.

[NEWSLETTER #4, March 2022]